Florence Academy of Fine Arts Enrollment

For more information on enrolling your child in Florence Academy of Fine Arts, please fill out the following form:

Minimum Requirements (Updated March 2017)

I understand that FAFA is a four year program of study. It will include the state minimum requirements as well as requirements in your field of study. I also understand that I must complete the state requirements in my academic areas as well as health and physical education. Admission to the Florence Academy of Fine Arts will be dependent upon my meeting all of the requirements listed. I understand that failure to complete the requirements of my preferred field of study will negate my ability to receive a Fine Arts Designation.

I understand that I am expected to uphold the FCS Code of Conduct, adhere to the FCS attendance policy and maintain the rules as stated. If I fail to meet these expectations, I may be dismissed from the program.

  1. Attendance is required for all Academy classes in which the student is enrolled.
  2. Excellent attendance and citizenship must be maintained.
  3. A 3.0 GPA in Academy courses and a 2.0 GPA in all other subjects is required of all FAFA students. They also must be on track to graduate.
  4. Students must complete all assignments on time and to the standards set for that class.
  5. Self-discipline must be maintained if the student is to succeed. The amount of success by a student in FAFA is dependent upon the amount of work and their ability to balance FAFA, school and home.
  6. Students are required to complete 7 credit hours in Fine Arts (or the equivalent if they were grandfathered in or transferred) during their four years of high school. Four of those hours are to be in the major that they have chosen. The other three hours being electives chosen from their chosen field or any of our other areas of Fine Arts.
  7. Showing respect and working cooperatively with other students and instructors is essential.
  8. FAFA students are expected to be the leaders at FHS in their fields of study!
  9. Participation in all FAFA activities within your field of study are required!
  10. Students are expected to be examples of exemplary behavior within the student body. Their actions are a reflection on FAFA and FHS and as such they are expected to be above reproach. FAFA students are Fine Arts Ambassadors for not only our community but for the entire state.

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