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Show choir served as an outlet for me to tap into my creativity. As a young student interested in the possibilities of performance art as a potential career, specifically dance and musical theatre, show choir (unknowingly at that time) became a tool for conditioning me for my future livelihood.

I was not only a participant, but I became a choreographer/director along the way. Being granted these opportunities taught me responsibility, discipline, and patience while helping me to hone my skills as an artist as well as a performer.

I believe that my participation in show choir supplemented by my dance training led to my participation in choreographing and performing in local plays. These skills followed me throughout my undergraduate and master's degree studies in dance, all the way into my professional dance career.

Show choir is a significant building block in my life and continues to be as I have recently had the opportunity to come back and set choreography for the 2014 Show Choir at Florence High School. It has all come full circle, and rightfully so.
-Sheree Woods