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Ms. Darlene Freemon,

As an instructor and the assistant technical director for the Theatre and Dance Department at the University of South Carolina, I get to teach, build, and continue to learn, using the critical thinking and creative skills I began to develop twenty years ago in your class.  I realize that the most important aspect of human society is communication.  Learning to write is the best way to develop the skills of organizing thought and communicating those thoughts to others.

After twenty-two years of education and nearly a hundred teachers, instructors, and professors, you always stand out in my mind as the one who best prepared me for my future.  Though this may be long overdue, as a teacher I never get tired of hearing this myself, thank you for all that you taught me and the encouragement you gave me. You made a difference in my life. Thank you, Ms. Freemon.

Sam Gross

Ms. Darlene Freemon,

I've been in the film industry for almost 10 years, and I'm finishing up my first feature in a couple of months, one that I wrote and directed. I guess that's the big one. I've produced other things as well, like a documentary called "Torch" (about Vulcan's old traffic torch in Birmingham) that aired on PBS/APT a few years ago. So, there ya go! I hope all is well, and thank you for allowing me to write, and shoot that absurd video called "Rolls o' Fat" (basically rednecks vs. mobsters), which has the honor of being my first "film," haha! Take care, and thanks again!!

Todd Campbell