The Florence Academy of Fine Arts Creative Writing Program is taught as a college-level program, with individual projects, workshops, and writing competitions.

The national standards set by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association are the standards for individual projects, contest pieces, and publication pieces.

Students engage in analyses of original work, including peer and self-editing. Roundtable discussion groups and Socratic Circles encourage and support the creative process.

Creative writing projects include free-verse and fixed-verse poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, scholarly essays, short stories of all genres, one-act plays, novellas, and novels. Formal and informal conferences between the instructor and the student happen weekly. Students write, edit, design, and produce.

Signatures, Florence High School’s award-winning literary arts magazine. Each year students win local, state, national, and international writing competitions, and their portfolios and magazine work help them to earn scholarships.
Creative Writing Instructor:




Kipplin Cain
Creative Writing Instructor

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