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Course Descriptions

The Florence Academy of Fine Arts Dance Program teaches dance as an art form through which movement communicates meaning and understanding.

Students receive quality artistic training in various dance forms such as ballet, contemporary, and jazz. Students will have diversified units of study focused on, but not limited to, technique, choreography, improvisation, and dance film. They will learn how to apply critical and creative thinking skills to movement and beyond.

Dance I
This class is for students with limited dance experience. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of ballet dance technique. Dance I students are expected to achieve correct body placement and alignment. They will increase self-discipline and artistic expression as well as build muscle strength and flexibility.

Dance II

This class applies students’ technical foundation of dance and choreographic principles. Students learn how to communicate meaning through dance movement. Dance II students will broaden their dance ability to include more complex techniques in while continuing to increase muscle strength and flexibility. (placement audition required)

Dance III/IV

This class extends students’ knowledge of dance techniques in ballet, jazz, and contemporary in combination with applying choreographic principles by incorporating advanced skills and studies. Students will all enter into the practice of pre-pointe and pointe work.
(placement audition required)

FAFA Dance Company

Audition based company that represents Florence High School on the local, state, and national level. Auditions for company take place in the spring of each year and are chosen by a board of judges. Students who exhibit proper technique or those who wish to further their dance knowledge are encouraged to audition. (company audition required)

Dance Auditions

Placement Auditions

• Applicants will participate in a class consisting of center work and across the floor combinations. Class level will be decided based upon the student’s technique and performance level.

Company Auditions

• Applicants will learn an advanced level dance combination and present it to a board of judges. Company members will be decided upon by the board based upon technique, ability to learn, performance level and commitment.

Attire:  Women – Black leotard and tights, jazz pants or skirt, and ballet or jazz shoes; Men – Black or white fitted t-shirt with black tights or jazz pants, and ballet or jazz shoes.