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High School Orchestra

This ensemble is designed to provide large-group experience for students in an orchestral setting. Advanced playing ability and techniques are required. Students have the opportunity to explore orchestra music in a variety of genres and styles, including full orchestra and string orchestra.

Middle School Orchestra

This ensemble is geared toward 2nd and 3rd year orchestra students. Students develop and solidify more advanced playing techniques in a group setting. Music styles and selection are optimized for young, developing players.

Beginning Orchestra

This class is intended for students who have never played a violin-family instrument and may, or may not read music. Basic playing techniques are taught and developed. Additionally, students develop the necessary skills for playing in a group setting.

Class Guitar

This class is intended for students who have never played the guitar and may, or may not read music. Students learn basic guitar chords and note reading in a group setting.

Orchestra Instrumental Techniques/Chamber Ensemble

This class is intended to allow orchestra students a smaller group/individual setting for attaining and perfecting performance techniques on a specific instrument.


The Florence City Schools Orchestra program was started in 1999 as a “pull-out” program. Students were offered the opportunity to learn a violin-family instrument two days per week, while being pulled out of their encore/exploratory classes. Beginning in the fall of 2005, students were offered the chance to take this class a regular daily offering. Since that time, the program has grown from about a dozen students to almost 150 strong. Students in the orchestra program learn to play the violin, viola, ‘cello, or double-bass. Not only do they experience the joy of making amazing music, but they learn self-discipline, citizenship, cooperation, teamwork, and build camaraderie. All of this happens in a positive environment in which students genuinely enjoy participating.