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Arts Survey

Arts Survey is designed to introduce the student to the history and culture of the fine arts, including literature and philosophy (mythology and world religions), visual arts (painting, photography, film, and architecture), music, dance, and theatre. Arts Survey will satisfy the fine arts credit and will also count toward the FAFA requirement.

Drawing I-“The Beginning” (Semester One)  

This class is step # one for the visual artist as the student explores the basics of drawing and the concepts of shape, shadow and highlight.  It introduces and explores the principles of art and how they affect future artistic endeavors.

Drawing II

This second semester is a continuation of Drawing I in which students step out more on their own and begin to explore and utilize the information they absorbed in their first semester.  It is designed to prepare them for the next steps in their journey.

Prerequisite-Drawing I

Painting I

This course takes students into the world of acrylic painting as they learn the do’s and dont’s of painting.  They learn and are expected to demonstrate the setting-up, work-through and finishing of a basic painting. 

Prerequisite-Drawing I

Painting II

During this semester students are expected to paint from still life, as well as from visual aids, and are expected to work at their own pace, seeking new and different ways to utilize painting surfaces and expressions in color. 

Prerequisite-Painting I


This is the introduction to creating in clay.  The students learn how to hand-build, create with molds and throw on the potter’s wheel.  They learn to mix and use glazes, to properly apply the glazes and to operate a Kiln appropriately.  The students are expected to create bowls for utility use and artwork for beauty.


The students utilize the principles of design as they learn to use plasticine and polymer clays in the creation of busts and human figures.  They learn to create armatures and bases and the importance of these to a successful creation.  Each student is expected to create a sculpture totally from beginning to end of their own design drawings. 

Prerequisite-Drawing I


Students learn how to create prints from wood, linoleum, plexiglass and metal.  Carving and etching are stressed, as well as the proper use of paper and the press. 

Prerequisites-Drawing I and II

Computer Animation

This is an introduction to the world of 3D visualization through the utilization of 3D Studio Max (gaming software) and Maya (the movie industry base).  The students learn skills that enable them to create their own character and environment in the framework of the computer. 

Prerequisites-Drawing I and Sculpture


This is a digital photography course that introduces the student to the basics of photography, from concept and composition to color correction and everything in between.  Students have constant homework in that they are given projects and deadlines weekly.  Students are required to install a photography show of their own at semester’s end.


In this second semester of the Photography course, students learn to create and alter in an aesthetically pleasing way their own photography.  The students are required to utilize a green screen in composing of their photos for commercial use.


Fashion Design

This course allows the students to stretch their imagination into the creation of fashion from concept to final creation.  Students are expected to be become proficient in the drawing of croques and use of fashion terms.  They become familiar with assembly and disassembly of clothing and how and what to expect from different materials.  Exploration of creating fabric designs is included.   Students enter their work into fashion competitions. 

Prerequisite-Drawing I

Portfolio Preparation

This course is designed for the fall semester of the graduating senior.  Time is spent in learning what is necessary for a portfolio and why.  Then the student creates a portfolio of their best work to use in application to the college or university of their choice.

Prerequisite-Six semesters of art; grade 12 only

Studio Art

This is a companion to all of the above courses that and allows students the opportunity to step outside the structure of the curriculum to experiment and experience art beyond the established boundaries.  It also allows the student to work independently on projects that require more time than is allowed in the usual class.