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Jonathan Cain


Jonathan Cain, art instructor, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the University of North Alabama in 1993. After working briefly in the field, he attended the University of Mississippi and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture in 1999. While at the University of Mississippi, he simultaneously pursued a Master of Arts degree concentrating on modern women sculptors and their use of symbolism in autobiographical works.

He returned to the community in 2000 and held adjunct positions instructing art and art history at both the University of North Alabama and Northwest-Shoals Community College. From 2003 to 2006, Jonathan Cain held the position of Curator of Exhibitions and Education at the Tennessee Valley Art Museum (TVMA) in Tuscumbia, AL. At TVMA he organized individual artistsí exhibitions as well as larger cultural/historic/thematic overviews. Subsequent to his role at TVAM, he taught fulltime for two years in the Art Department at the Northwest Shoals Community College. He was employed as a visiting professor to instruct sculpture and ceramics in the Spring semester 2013. Jonathan Cain has exhibited in various collegiate and local exhibitions and has taught various courses in studio art and art history with UNA since 2000.

Jonathan is currently pursuing a Masterís Degree in Clinical Mental Health at the University of North Alabama.