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Art class made my future possible. I always wanted to be a fashion designer but I didn't even know it was a career option until I took art. Even though I was only in art class my senior year of high school, the influence was rapid and substantial. I had no prior fine arts training, but told Mr. Foster what I wanted to do with my life and he guided me the entire year, helping me build the right portfolio to apply to art school. I went on to earn a combined Scholastic and Artistic Scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and continued my education at Parsons New School for Design in New York. Taking art was the best decision of my life; I owe my career to it, and especially to Mr. Foster.

Marianna Barksdale
Florence Falcon Class of '0

I discovered that I had a passion for Visual Effects the day I opened the door to Mr. Fosters Art Room. I learned that the possibilities of creation were endless. Computer Generated Art is the new way of telling a story. Which all led me to a career in VFX.

Mr. Foster found the perfect school for me. "DAVE School" short for Digital Animation and Visual Effects in Orlando Florida. I enrolled and was accepted due to my work from the 4 amazing years I spent in his class. Our final class project was called "The Adventures of Han Solo" which went on to be selected by George Lucas as "Best Animation" at Star Wars Celebration.

The day after Graduation I landed a job in Los Angeles. I work at a company called "Stereo D" We focus on the conversion of 2D to 3D for feature film. Some of my favorite project's so far are: The Avengers, Jackass 3D, and Jurassic Park 3D.

My career path started in Mr. Fosters art class. Where does your start?

Bradley Chowning
Florence Falcon Class of '06